The route to accessing entertainment via smartphones has been instrumental in pushing types of media to the mainstream – including music streaming and podcasts. Today’s chart explores how the on-the-go advantages of these activities have made them a hit among Fitness Fanatics.

Audio-based media is more popular among this very active segment – they’re over 20% more likely than average to be streaming music and listening to podcasts on mobile.

This trend holds true across the age groups, with Fitness Fanatics notably more likely to be accessing music and podcasts on all devices than others from their cohort – especially those who are older.

Regionally, the story is the same.

Fitness Fanatics are ahead for consuming podcasts and using music streaming services, further highlighting a link between exercise and audio-based media, and why brands and marketers who target these consumers should certainly be directing a focus here.

With the advantage of being immune from ad-blocking software, podcasts provide marketers with a valuable advertising medium to reach a very specific audience listening with purpose with more tailored short form audio-based ads.

fitness fanatics infographic


*Fitness Fanatics are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who exercise more than 4 times a week and say they have a strong interest in health and fitness.

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