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Question: If Brand A is trying to figure out what social media platform its customers like the most and Brand B wants to know the education level of its target consumer, which one will be able to understand its audience faster?

Answer: the one using our new feature – instant audience insights.

Brands are trying to navigate tight budgets, quick turnarounds, and the cut-throat world of the attention economy. So they really know the importance of having captivating campaigns that turn browsers into buyers. 

It takes a healthy combination of deep data, actionable insights, and valuable findings that you can use to set your brand apart from the competition. When it comes to keeping consumers interested, having the right angle is essential.  

But that takes time. And time is money.

To save you the trouble, we’ve found a way to make it seriously simple for brands and agencies to get a lot of useful data with just a little effort – and even less stress. 

Drum roll please. Our instant audience insights tool is ready for you.

What’s this magical tool you speak of?

This feature is what happens when innovation meets speed. All it takes is one click to get a snapshot view of consumer demographics, interests, and attitudes.

You get straight to the data without all the digging. That means you learn way more in less time. 

Here’s how you can use it

Step 1.  Create an audience

It’s up to you whether you create a new one in the GWI platform or use an existing audience to get started.

Step 2.  Click ‘View instant insight’

In the upper right corner, you’ll see where to click to start generating your insights.

Step 3. Wait for the magic to happen

The tool gets to work in a matter of seconds.

Step 4. Get the goods at a glance

Instant audience insights will quickly generate top data points based on the most popular profiling points from GWI Core, GWI Core Plus, GWI Zeitgeist, and any custom data sets that you might have.

Step 5. Flick through the cards, or export them as a PNG

Browse through your findings and share visuals with your team.

Step 6. Explore your instant insights in dashboard form 

Slice and dice, or zoom right out to get an overall picture of your audience in a neat dashboard.

Why should you use instant audience insights?

When you have high-priority projects with low turnaround time, you need to get straight to the core of your target audience – fast.

Instant audience insights are designed to challenge your assumptions or confirm your gut feelings. 

You’ll be able to quickly identify growth opportunities, improve existing products, and use your speedy findings to create content that really hits home with your target audience.

You’ll get a better understanding of how consumers discover products and services, what media they’re consuming, what they want from brands, and more. 

What does it look like in action?

We’ll use these three audiences below to demonstrate how we break down consumer data into easy-to-understand details that let you pair your intuition with on-the-spot insights.

Here’s how you might want to use it.

Making data the superhero with Marvel fans 

Imagine you’re trying to come up with content that really resonates with your superhero-loving target audience. You may have some assumptions about this action-obsessed consumer you want to connect with, but you just want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. 

After creating an audience and running the instant audience insights tool, you see that some of your spidey senses are true. You’re spot on about Marvel fans being mostly male millennials, but you quickly notice some of your bases weren’t covered. 

With this tool, you could see that almost 30% are thinking of taking a domestic vacation in the next 3-6 months and 38% find out about new brands and products through search engines. 

Winning a slam dunk with sportswear buyers

Let’s say you wanted to double-check that what you’re thinking aligns with the cold, hard data. You’ve got a hunch that sportswear buyers are mostly female Gen Zs fascinated by fashion – because you’ve seen streetwear trending all over TikTok. 

A quick look at the results shows that your hunch wasn’t quite on the mark in some areas. Sportswear buyers are actually mostly millennial males, and their biggest interests are music, food, and drinks. Time to restrategise at half time. 

Finding indestructible insights about Despicable Me/Minions fans

For this audience, you’re sure you have it easy. In your mind, Despicable Me/Minions fans must be Gen Alphas that want brands to make them feel like they’re a part of an exciting community. 

You’ve convinced yourself it’s a straight shot, but the data throws you a villainous curveball. To your surprise, you discover that Despicable Me/Minions fans are mostly made up of millennials with full-time jobs, and 62% of them expect brands to be socially responsible. 

How it all comes together

Instant audience insights give you a real competitive edge. This rapid research tool is your secret weapon when you want to move quickly with data-led decisions that will help your brand expand its reach and explore new avenues for growth.

With instant audience insights, the key to understanding your consumer without any delay is truly at your fingertips.

Take it for a spin  Learn more

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