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We know how it is. Headlines, pipelines, deadlines – repeat. 

Consumer trends move at neck-breaking speed, and with less time and more work becoming the norm, you need data you can trust before you make any decisions. And you need it now.  

That’s where GWI comes in. We’re here to make unlocking valuable insights and building charts faster than ever with instant charts powered by OpenAI

All you need to do is type a question. And just like that, you’ll get a chart full of insights to power up your marketing strategy, help you understand your audience better, and get a true competitive edge in your industry. 

It’s just as simple as it sounds. But, let’s back up a little bit. 

What is instant charts?

It’s a new feature on our platform we’ve designed to help you become even better – and faster – at what you do, by seamlessly integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into your workflow.

This go-to resource for instant chart creation is our way of making sure data discoverability is available to anyone who wants to use our platform. 

It’s fast, efficient and – most importantly – it’s reliable. 

What does it look like in action?

When you land in the GWI platform, you’ll be able to type in any question about consumers in a free text field and generate a chart using OpenAI’s ChatGPT capabilities. Instant charts will auto-create a chart for you right then and there that you can add to a dashboard, edit, and use with all of the usual chart functionality in the platform.

Need an example of how it works? No problem.

Imagine you’re a media planner at a busy agency trying to nail a killer ad campaign you’ve been hammering away at for weeks. You’re on the hunt for that missing piece, that special spark that’s going to ignite all your effort and get those ads in front of your audience. But first, you need to know how consumers find brands and research products.  

Head into GWI, and using our instant charts functionality, simply type: “Top reasons for using social media in 2023 by generation?” The moment you hit enter, you have a chart that’s ready to share instantly. The chart will also automatically apply the timeframe and location to help you supercharge your analysis with contextual insights.

Want to dig deeper? Uncover strategy-defining insights like:

  • 29% of Gen Z use social media to get updates from their favorite brands 
  • Millennials like to discover what’s trending via social media (30% say this)
  • 20% of Baby boomers use social media to find new products to buy

What’s in it for you?

Whether you’re trying to win pitches or kickstart your creative thinking, you deserve tech that works harder for you. That’s why we’ve made sure instant charts allows you to:

  • Create charts at the speed of search
  • Take advantage of AI-generated results with confidence 
  • Customize, edit, and share your charts with the people that need to see them

What makes it innovative?

We’re all about providing insights for all. We want to remove barriers so everyone has the chance to drive engagement and growth. 

It’s our mission to make sure users of all abilities feel confident creating, sharing, and editing charts in GWI. 

Now when you’re up against another deadline, you don’t have to be a platform pro to discover the data you need to know in an instant.

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