As we move into Wave 2, we want to take the opportunity to thank you for coming on board in year one, plus we would like to update you on developments and timelines going forward.

We wish you a successful 2010!

Product launch:

The first 4 months of the Global Web Index have been very successful and we exceeded our targets in terms of client sign up, plus we also been adopted by a wide range of companies and agencies from all disciplines and backgrounds, including media, creative, PR, integrated, corporate and web properties. This has proved to us that our proposition of providing a global perspective on online behaviour, social media and the impacts is one that is needed in the industry.

External content and thought-leadership:

We have recently released a global map of the social web, which is the first in a line of infographics that we will use to highlight the key trends and data and help establish the Global Web Index as the thought-leader in this space. This first infographic was released recently and has already been talked about and shared on the social web, particularly on Twitter. We plan to release many more in the future, so stay posted. These have also been printed as a wall chart and will be in the post to you shortly. They are also appearing as an insert in January’s edition of New Media Age in the UK.

We also started a plan of theme based PR, including a recent release on how streaming is destroying piracy, which was covered extensively including on Techcrunch, the Guardian and shortly to appear on BBC Radio 4.

New analysis platform:

We are working with Qlikview, a leading analysis and business information technology to provide a world class analysis tool fully integrated into the site. We realise the existing crosstab element has not been as smooth as we would have hoped for and for the last 2 months we have been reviewing new options. The new tool will provide a seamless experience with the following key amendments:

  1. It will be fully integrated into the website. It won’t work on a single sign on basis as it does now to link you through to the tool
  2. It will incorporate dynamic charts which you can amend and export to PPT
  3. It will have mapping based visuals to visually show access data including universe estimates and percentages of usage versus total population.
  4. You will be able to create detailed segments to add to rows and columns

Wave 2 fieldwork:

This data set is due to be released to clients on the w/c 18th of January to allow sufficient time to complete research quotas outside of Christmas and new year periods and primarily for data processing / set up in the Confirmit reporting system for both wave 2 and the double base sample. We realise this is slightly behind schedule and we are making appropriate measures to move both fieldwork periods forward in 2010 to avoid any clashes with holiday periods. We are also moving to a new analysis platform (as detailed above) that will ease the process needed to provide you with access quicker.

Wave 2 Survey developments:

There a number of changes and amends to wave 2, which are based both on client demand and our desire to evolve the product to be best in class and delivering leading insights on web usage and social media. A full survey template will be released at the beginning on January. The following are the most significant changes:

  • We have added two sets of a category questions for q133, which explores what brands can create for consumers. This will provide a detailed category perspective in terms of what brands should create consumers for key regularly purchased products and larger ticket purchases
  • We are adding questions around what users of Micro-blogs are sharing
  • We have added a question based on how active people are in forums / message boards
  • We have revised the frequency definitions on blogging, social networks and micro-blogging to reflect recency, rather than asking for normalised behaviour. We feel this is a more accurate measure
  • We have simplified the traditional media question to look at hours spent as this works better on a global setting and is more in line with the activities question we also have. This standardisation will make it easier to calculate a share of day across all the markets and segments

Growing the team:

We are currently recruiting analysts and project managers to provide increasingly detailed understanding of the trends for clients, plus to work on ad hoc projects. There will be an increased output in pre-defined analyst reports, covering all areas of the data set.

Close dates for Wave 3 and 4 additions:

If you are interested in adding questions to wave 3 and 4 the following dates are now established:

  • Wave 2 close: April 16th 2010
  • Wave 3 close: October 15th 2010

Ad-hoc opportunities

There are a number of ways you can utilise the Global web index to produce unique ad-hoc research. These include recontact studies which could take the form as quantitative surveys, online focus groups, web behaviour tracking via partner Nurago or diary studies. These studies allow us to match any new data with Global Web Index data and can be delivered in any of the 16 markets.

Events and content

We are launching a series of theme based events in 2010. If you are interested in getting involved, either as sponsor, or a speaker get in touch.

B2B Global Web Index study

In Q3 2010 we plan to launch a business to business focused annual version of the Global Web Index in a set of the key Global Web Index markets. We are looking for partners who will get scope over the coverage of the research, plus private data and exclusive right to use the data as an external report. If you are interested please get in touch.

2010 rate card pricing

As we move out of our launch year we are revising our rate card. As a valued first year subscriber we will keep open 2009 pricing until the end of February for any additional subscriptions or add on work you wish to provide to your business group. Also if you wish to extend your year 1 subscription into year 2, we can extend this at 2009 pricing until the end of February. This is only open to year 1 subscribers.


1st Office

2nd Office

3rd Office


2009 Pricing: Global Subscription





2010 Pricing: Global Subscription





A full service global brand partnership will rise from £18K to £22K per category per wave or £28K to £34K per annum or if you wish to purchase the brand data for resell to your clients this will rise from £12K to £14Kv per wave. There are discounts for multiple waves, or for running in a smaller number of markets. Bespoke options depend on the scope of the work and level of private data provision.

Into 2010

We look forward to a successful 2010 and we hope the Global Web Index will continue to help you in your business.

Any questions or follow-ups please get in touch.

Many thanks

Tom and the rest of the Global Web Index team


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