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Trying to connect with consumers without using an audience insights platform is like trying to nail jello to a wall. No matter how hard you try, nothing you do will stick. 

To stand out in a fiercely competitive market, you need to know who your customers are, what they want, and how they behave. 

Whether you’re a trailblazing agency or a thriving brand, having access to on-demand consumer research and the latest audience insights can be your secret to success. 

What are audience insights?

Audience insights give you information about your target audience’s demographics, interests, behaviors, and preferences. They go beneath the surface of what you think you know about consumers to help you get the full picture of exactly who you’re talking to.

Without reliable consumer insights, you might miss out on an unexpected customer like the 37% of Resident Evil players interested in luxury gaming collaborations or 26% of people of color who say influencer ads are most relevant to them on social media. With data like this at your fingertips, you’ll never have to worry about missing the mark because you’ll always know exactly where to aim. 

That’s the power of audience insights.

What is an audience insights platform?

An audience insights platform is a consumer data tool that can help you make informed business decisions. Think of it like a magnifying glass that helps you zoom in on the details of your target audience’s interests, behaviors, and habits. It allows you to gather fundamental data about your customers like where they shop, the current consumer trends they’re tapping into, as well as more nuanced topics like political attitudes, and beyond. 

But, how do you find audience insights? That’s where a consumer research platform like GWI comes into play. With access to a centralized hub full of the data you need to fuel your next big idea, you’ll be able to connect with your target audience in ways that may not have been possible before. 

Features of an audience insights platform

Using an audience insights platform to leverage consumer insight data is key to staying ahead of the curve. But what should you look out for when considering an audience insights tool? 

Let’s explore the features and how they can optimize your marketing efforts. 

1. Audience builder

Look for a tool with an audience builder feature that allows you to create detailed audience profiles based on different criteria like demographics, interests, and online behavior. With the help of audience profiling, you can refine strategies and campaigns for maximum impact. 

2. Charts 

Charts and graphs are a great way to help transform complex information into easy-to-understand visuals, even if you aren’t a platform expert. You can compare and contrast audiences, apply filters and compare regions, and share it all with your team. 

3. Dashboards

Dashboards help you gather key insights on your audience for a bird’s-eye view of who you’re targeting, so you can spot actionable insights quickly. Keep up with crucial metrics and track campaign performance in real time with all the important stuff in one place.

4. AI capabilities 

Unlock the potential of AI to simplify consumer research and help you get the insights you need quickly. GWI’s instant charts feature lets you instantly generate charts about your audience. Just type in a question and you’ll get a ready-to-share chart that you can add to a dashboard.

7 reasons your brand needs an audience insights platform

Now that you understand what an audience insights platform can offer, let’s take a look at how you can seamlessly integrate it into your daily workflow and empower different teams within your organization. 

1. Create stronger pitches 

When you’re pitching, having data-backed audience insights is a game changer. You can customize your pitch to resonate with a client’s needs and win new business by demonstrating you not only know their audience’s attitudes and behaviors, but also their pain points and preferences.

2. Optimize your content marketing 

Audience insights play a vital role in informing your content marketing strategy. By understanding what messages really resonate with your audience, you can create laser-focused campaigns that drive discovery, engagement, and conversions.

3. Boost your brand strategy

If you’re trying to figure out which direction to take your brand, think of an audience insights platform like a GPS. It can help you get a better picture of brand health so you can optimize content, measure effectiveness, and get to work on areas that need improvement. 

4. Ace your media planning

Good media planning requires a deep understanding your audience and their media habits. You can make your media spend work harder and reach your target audience with precision by plugging consumer insights into your plans.  

5. Improve your products

Valuable consumer insights are an essential part of the product development process. It helps you understand the features your target audience say they’re most interested in, or what products they’re planning to buy in the future so you can guide what your product roadmap might look like. 

6. Explore market sizing

Analyzing audience insights gives you the chance to gauge the size, scope, and potential demand for your product or service. The more you learn about your audience, the more you can accurately assess demand, identify growth opportunities, and prioritize new markets to go after. 

7. Unlock new partner and sponsorship opportunities

Collaborations are indispensable if you want to tap into new markets. You can pinpoint potential partners and sponsorship opportunities that align with your brand’s voice and values to expand your reach and connect with new consumers.

Why choose GWI?

We’re all about helping you unlock the benefits of deep consumer data. 

Businesses of all sizes can use GWI to build global strategies across 53 markets or keep it regional for a local view. 

From customizable charts and AI-powered features to dashboards and 250K+ profiling points, our audience insights platform can help you quickly identify new opportunities, understand new audiences, and create world-class campaigns. Or if that isn’t enough, try our custom audience research on for size. 

Ready to become an expert on your target audience? Talk to us to find out how our audience insights platform can supercharge your marketing efforts.  

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