Dementia is set to become the UK’s biggest killer, with one person developing the disease every three minutes. As part of its bold rebranding effort, Alzheimer’s Society decided to do something different to urge a shift in thinking.

Launching its ‘United against dementia’ campaign with McCann London, it appealed to the British public to set aside their differences in a united fight against the illness. Using insights to drive a powerful message that educates, inspires and moves, here’s why we chose ‘United against dementia’ as our April campaign of the month.

The Insight

A mere 22% of the UK population realise that dementia leads to death, with one third of people wrongly believing there is a cure. Uncovering this insight, the creative teams recognized the urgent need to educate people on the reality of the widespread disease.

The Message

Tapping into the social issues that have divided the country of late, the striking ad, directed by Oscar and BAFTA-nominated Daniel Barber, has one clear message: Forget about what sets us apart, because dementia doesn’t care. The four week campaign was spread across TV, press and social media, urging a shift in mindset from one of apathy and hopelessness to one of hope and action.

Why it Worked

The campaign creatively turned a negative insight into a positive message, successfully shifting perceptions and putting alzheimer’s in the minds of the people. Cleverly developed in the lead up to the recent EU referendum, it was designed to tap into cultural truths that many find uncomfortable, drawing out the stigma that so often surrounds the illness.

A powerful example of marketing that works, this campaign shows just how a deep understanding of audience perceptions can drive meaningful creativity.

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