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Twitch’s latest move into PC game retailing will see the service leverage its influential creator community as a driving force behind game sales. As such, today’s Chart of the Day outlines why this strategy could open up new, lucrative revenue sources for the service.

Consumers who have watched a live gaming stream are over 2x as likely to be purchasing digital video games each month (1 in 3 are), and we see equally strong over-indexes for video-based product research channels such as vlogs (15%) and video sites (29%).

This is all good news for Twitch – this fondness for video will complement this audience’s susceptibility for native ads on social media (23% say endorsements on social media would motivate them to purchase a product), and the offer of exclusive content within the purchase deals will also resonate well (Gaming Viewers are 63% more likely to cite this as a main purchase driver).

1 in 3 Gaming Viewers Purchased a Digital Game Last Month

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