The rise of taxi-hailing or ride-sharing apps has been one of the biggest ‘disruptor’ stories of the past decade, with a selection of startups becoming multi-billion-dollar companies and overturning traditional transport models. Today’s Chart focuses on the core user base of these new services – Millennials (here 20-34s).

It’s now 16% from this group in North America who are regularly using these apps, with names like Uber and Lyft making an impact here. The highly urban nature of the internet population in APAC, as well as the success of Ola Cabs in India and Didi Chuxing in China, is reflected clearly in the high figures among Millennial internet users in this region – 3 in 10 in APAC are regular taxi-hailing app users.

There is also serious potential for these services to expand their user bases further, particularly as many social platforms in North America and Europe (most importantly Facebook) follow the lead of some apps, like Line and WeChat, and integrate taxi-hailing services into their offerings.

16% of Millennials in North America Using Taxi-Hailing AppsExplore data in PRO Platform

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