Today we focus on ten of the car brands that we track globally within the GWI survey, exploring which owners are most willing to actively advocate their chosen brand to others (defined here as a willingness to write positive reviews or actively recommend the brand to friends/family).

Mercedes-Benz owners emerge as the most likely advocates, but considering that all brands tracked in the chart can count on over half of current owners being active recommenders, the level of C2C influence within the automotive industry is clear.

Indeed, with 4 in 10 Car Buyers (those looking to purchase a car within the next six months) saying that consumer reviews are both an important source of online research and a key purchase driver, the potential influence of brand advocates is obvious.

For more insights on our tracked Automotive Brands, keep a look out for our new Car Buyers report coming soon.

2 in 3 Mercedes Owners Would Actively Advocate Their BrandExplore this data in PRO PlatformDownload The Beginners Guide to Audience Profiling

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