Our first Chart of the Day this week confirms just how important social media remains within the daily online habits of internet users – with an average of close to 2 hours being devoted to networking and messaging each day. That translates to about 1 in every 3 minutes spent online.

The impact of multi-networking and still-rising levels of mobile usage are clear to see here; as our chart demonstrates, time spent on social activities has seen steady increases since 2012 as users dip in-and-out of a widening range of platforms and apps throughout the day.

As might be expected, there are demographic patterns to note within this. Time spent on social activities is linked very strongly to age, which means the younger online populations found in fast-growth markets are at the forefront of this trend. But with social platforms integrating more-and-more online activities – from news and video to sports and entertainment – it’s likely that numbers will continue to climb across the board.

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