Following our Chart exploring how podcast engagement is now firmly a mobile-first activity, today we look at how the on-the-go advantages of mobile podcasts have made them such a hit among Fitness Fanatics.

This audience is 35% more likely than the average to be listening to podcasts via mobile, and it’s now 2 in 5 who do each month. This appeal is consistent across age too, with figures approaching 1 in 2 among 25-34s. Tellingly, compared to internet users of the same age group, Fitness Fanatics across the ages significantly over-index for this mobile activity, especially among older cohorts.

Clearly then, it’s not just music streaming via mobile which has emerged as a mainstay among Regular Exercisers. And now that Spotify is moving heavily into podcasts, these exercisers will have more reason to engage with the service when out and about.

2 in 5 Fitness Fanatics Listening to Podcasts on MobileDownload Device Q1 2017

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