Mobile payment services are yet to take off in the west in the same way that they have in some APAC markets. But as we explore in today’s chart, Starbucks is one brand that has a significant minority within its U.S. customer base already comfortable paying for products with their smartphones.

In fact, it’s 3 in 10 Starbucks drinkers in the United States who say they have used one of the mobile payment services we track. Naturally, we see a peak among the more tech-savvy and mobile-first 16-34 year-olds. But there’s still over a fifth of 45-54s who report paying for items using their mobiles.

This is a prime opportunity for Starbucks and one that it has capitalized on through the allure of its mobile app’s loyalty program and the promise of jumping the line. Importantly however, as more brands follow suit, it may not be long before paying with mobile hits the mainstream in western markets.


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Katie is a Strategic Insights Manager at GWI. Moving to the company 4 years ago, Katie heads up the Strategic Insights team, overseeing the production of bespoke assets for clients. Katie also writes on GWI's blog, with a particular interest in social media and marketing.

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