WhatsApp’s recent policy shake-up will pave the way for businesses to connect with its vast user base, and today we look at how often people are using WhatsApp and the opportunity this presents in the business-consumer relationship.

In fact, WhatsApp has the highest usage frequency of all the messaging apps tracked by GWI – 3 in 4 users of WhatsApp are accessing it at least daily, with half using it more than once a day. Interestingly, age has relatively little impact here – no matter their age, users are most likely to be accessing the service more than once a day.

It’s not difficult to see why this could be good news for businesses looking to connect with a highly engaged audience. But WhatsApp will need to tread carefully here – the service’s updated privacy policy allowing it to share consumer data with Facebook may be an issue with the 2 in 3 WhatsAppers concerned about how companies are using their personal data.

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