To mark the launch of our new Second-Screening infographic (clients can download a copy here), today we highlight the continued importance of laptops/PCs in the dual-screening behaviors of Gen Zers in North America.

The so-called “mobile-native” Gen Z audience are indeed most likely to reach for their phones while watching TV. But it’s still significant numbers opting for laptops in their dual-screening behaviors, especially in North America. So, despite this group being called the mobile-only generation, it’s clear that they are in fact mobile-first.

Mobile’s dominance in second-screening is easily explained when we look at what this group are doing on their devices while they watch TV; in every region, second-screening is dominated by social networking, messaging and gaming. In North America, however, Gen Zers over-index for some activities well-suited to the laptop interface like product research (24% do) and reading emails (42%).

55% of Gen Zers in North America Dual-Screen via LaptopsExplore data in PRO PlatformGeneration Z Report Q2 2017

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