Rounding off this week’s look into TV viewing habits, today’s Chart of the Day explores the popularity of TV/film subscription services.

SVOD platforms have made a real impact in their relatively short existence – half of the global online population engage with one each week. But while other TV viewing behaviors display fairly consistent scores between regions, here we see stark contrasts, with North America (65%) and LatAm (64%) overshadowing all other places, especially Europe and MEA.

These scores highlight the established presence of services like Netflix in their home market of the US, but given what we saw in Monday’s chart (where the Americas still score strongly for live broadcast TV), it’s clear that people aren’t necessarily abandoning traditional viewing habits even as they embrace SVOD services.

65% in North America are Weekly Watchers of SVOD ServicesExplore data in PRO PlatformDownload Device Q1 2017

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