In a new addition to our research, we ask respondents how regularly they “binge-watch” TV by viewing back-to-back episodes of the same show. Overall, internet users are more likely to identify themselves as binge-watchers than not.

It’s 16-24s who come top for this activity, with an average score of 2.4. In fact, only 9% of 16-24s say they never binge-watch TV shows. As age increases, the link to “traditional” viewing methods strengthens, but even so it’s still only 1 in 4 55-64s who say they never binge-watch.

Figures like these confirm just why auto-play episodes have been so successful on streaming services and TV/film platforms need to put viewers’ media consumption habits at the heart of their engagement strategies.

91% of 16-24a have Binge-Watched TV ShowsCOTD_10_MAR_2017_PRO.png
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