This week, Adblock Plus teamed up with online donation startup Flattr, launching a new tool which allows users to donate to their favorite online publishers and content creators. And with today’s chart showing that ad-blocker users are actually more likely than average to be paying for digital content, the potential for this new approach to work is clear to see.

Despite the common stigma perceiving ad-blockers as pirates, it’s actually over 60% of this audience who are purchasing some form of digital content on a monthly basis. With 1 in 5 paying for movie/TV streaming services and mobile apps, and 15% paying to download music, it’s clear that this audience is amenable to parting with their cash for the right type of content.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of them will be open to this new donation model, but the opportunity to monetize them in a way that ad-supported models can’t is one that is certainly worth pursuing.

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