Continuing our series of charts on the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), today’s entry looks at whether consumers feel like the legislation will make a difference in their digital lives.

Encouragingly for the EU, there is widespread belief that the GDPR will be effective, with 3 in 4 consumers who are aware of the GDPR believing it will have a positive impact on how data is handled by companies. In fact, just 6% think it will be ineffective, with the other 20% being unsure or wanting more information.

The most optimistic age group are the 25-34s, where 82% say that the legislation will make a positive impact in their lives. The youngest and oldest age brackets have more reservations, but it’s still two-thirds of each who feel that GDPR will make a positive difference.

With a widespread belief that GDPR will be a good force for change in the online space, it’s important that brands know what consumers expect from them now that it has come into force. In tomorrow’s chart, we will identify in more detail the ways in which GDPR-aware internet users feel the legislation will make an impact in their digital lives.

You can read more about GDPR and GlobalWebIndex here.

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