Our final Chart this week examines the online behaviors of First-Time Home Buyers.

With this group being a predominantly young audience (over half are Millennials), having a presence on social is becoming increasingly important for engaging this audience. Although the continued role of more traditional routes is plain to see (60% are still visiting brand websites), this audience is notably more likely to regard social as a brand touchpoint. Almost 3 in 10 are following new brands on social each month, for example, while a similar figure are visiting brands’ social pages.

A good portion of this audience are also engaging more actively on social; they’re 28% more likely to say they click on a sponsored post and 31% more likely to be asking questions to brands via social media. Creating engaging posts, and getting customer service right on these platforms, is one obvious route to success here.

First-Time Home Buyers Engaging with Brands on Social Explore data in PRO Platform

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