Our last Chart of the Day for this week examines just why digital consumers who post online reviews would promote a brand, and it’s clear that high-quality products are a key factor here.

Over half of this audience of Online Reviewers state that high-quality products have a decisive impact on their decision to promote a brand online. However, there are more direct ways that brands can gather advocates among this group, with 46% citing rewards (such as discounts or gifts) as a motivation and 35% saying they are influenced by great customer service.

As yet, brand interactions with this group may be via more traditional channels but given 20% of this audience say they have chatted to a customer service agent online recently (a 35% over-index compared to the average), there are clear indications that having a pro-active online presence can be an important factor in garnering positive consumer reviews.

High-Quality Products Key to Gaining Online ReviewsExplore data in PRO PlatformDownload the online


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Felim is Senior Trends Manager at GWI. He oversees the Trends team who produce a wide range of off-the-shelf reports and infographics along with our Chart of the Day series. Moving to GWI after completing a PhD, Felim specializes in writing about online consumer behaviors and digital trends.

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