For today’s Chart, we look at how digital consumers around the world prefer to consume TV content: via on-demand/streaming or via traditional broadcast television.

Internet users in North America and LatAm take the lead for preferring on-demand/catch-up, with both regions on 35%. The wide range of catch-up and OTT services available to North American consumers is undoubtedly making an impact here, as is the success of Netflix across many LatAm countries.

By market, it’s Mexican internet users who are most enthusiastic of all – with over half in this country preferring to consume TV this way. However, that many of the Top 10 markets for preferring online are European suggests that this region, where traditional forms of TV have been resilient, could be set to change soon.

LatAm and North America Most Likely to Prefer On-Demand/Streaming TVExplore data in PRO Platform
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