Yesterday, we saw that 65% of the global internet population are buying products online each month.

Here, we look at which devices they’re using – with our chart showing just how dominant PCs/laptops still are. In fact, almost everyone buying online is doing so via a PC/laptop for at least some of their purchases (61% of internet users overall, and 93% of internet purchasers).

Nevertheless, more than a quarter of the internet audience is engaging with m-commerce, with over a tenth of online individuals having bought via a tablet.

Perhaps just as significantly, 27% of internet users have bought a product via a PC/laptop as well as a mobile or a tablet. Multi-device or multi-channel commerce is thus thriving. It’s also pretty telling that 16-24s are the age group least likely to have made an online purchase via a PC or laptop in the last month, indicating just how bright the prospects for m- and t-commerce are within this group.

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