We have for the first time harmonised all key social platforms into a comparable question set. This means that you can easily compare behaviour in Facebook to behaviour in Twitter across PC, Mobile & Tablet.

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New Data: Truly cross comparable social platform data:

  • Previously social platform usage used to sit inside key behaviours such as micro-blogging or social networking or blogging. However the lines between key social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are disappearing and categorising them is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition consumers are increasingly aggregating core behaviours into platforms, this makes this shift natural
  • The new questions track active and lapsed usage and explore behaviours on PC, mobile and tablet device, enabling a holistic view. To have this on a global level segmented by audience is a truly unique data set and critical knowledge post Facebook IPO and growing competition from Google+
  • The old questions are maintained for now to maintain the trending of data

GlobalWebIndex also continues to expand its reach into important markets adding Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and UAE*, which is launched in partnership with our client Business Compass (Publicis Group)

4 New Countries:

  • This is a good time to recap on our roadmap policy. In order to deliver credible representative data 3 times a year it is important that we can source the best respondents that are verified to the highest level. This is not possible in all markets via online market research
  • We also strive to be relevant to our clients and run in the markets that dominate advertising and marketing spend and brand activity

*UAE will not be made available throughout the GWI.7 cycle to users outside of Business Compass with access in the UAE. If you are based outside of the UAE, you will receive access.

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