Globally, it’s almost half of internet users who are posting reviews about products or companies online each month. But as Tuesday’s Chart of the Day shows, people are more enthusiastic about passing on their opinions than receiving advice from others.

Age-based trends are particularly interesting here; while the youngest internet users are the keenest to share their experiences (some 58% of 25-34s are product reviewers), figures then decrease in line with age to just 1 in 3 among 55-64s.

Compare this to the numbers consulting consumer reviews during the purchase journey and the differences are striking. Specifically, the number of 25-34s reviewing products is 24-points ahead of the numbers using them for brand research, with this age group more likely to turn to social networks (35%) and search engines (49%) when researching. In contrast, this trend is reversed for the oldest age group, who are slightly more likely to consult reviews (35%) rather than write them (33%).


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Katie is a Strategic Insights Manager at GWI. Moving to the company 4 years ago, Katie heads up the Strategic Insights team, overseeing the production of bespoke assets for clients. Katie also writes on GWI's blog, with a particular interest in social media and marketing.

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