As streaming services like Spotify look to grow their user bases still further, today we look at how engagement levels differ between those who pay to access these services, and those who do not.

Globally, Payers stream music for an average of half an hour longer each day. In our music attitudes data, they also show more desire than Non-Payers to ‘curate’ their listening, rather than letting it run in the background.

Nevertheless, a sizable contingent of Non-Payers demonstrate qualities which make them likely to become Payers in the future. 16% of Non-Payers try to avoid ads wherever possible online, and the same proportion state they tend to buy the premium version of a product.

One possible barrier to converting Non-Payers to Payers is income, as there are fewer Non-Payers (21%) in the top bracket compared to Payers (29%). But that still leaves a decent number of Non-Payers who can be convinced to buy into premium services.

What’s more, with 15% of Non-Payers motivated to purchase by exclusive content or services, Spotify’s experiments with tiered release dates and audio quality may present an opportunity to convert them.

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