We are scheduled to release an updated version of the PRO Platform which will have a number of benefits for users.

Below you will find a description of the updates and prior to the release we will invite you to join a webinar where we will take you through each of the updates and improvements.

A number of updates to the layout and structure of the data has delivered improvements in terms of speed.

Improved Navigation
The audience builder has been updated enabling users to create target audiences in an easier and more fluid way. Once a question category has been selected (e.g. demographics) users will immediately be able to select any variable available within Demographics Sub-category (e.g. age, gender, country, etc.), without having to open/select each question individually

Workflow (New Feature)
Enables users to categorise audience segments by clients and projects

  • Ability to organise saved audiences by projects and / or client – users will be able to save up to 8 different audiences into a single workflow enabling users to, for example, classify target audience groups by client and / or project.
  • Ability to save specific question views against set audiences – Users will be able to save specific data runs and graphs as well as re-open and update the work as and when needed.
  • Ability to save more target audiences – users will be able to save an unlimited number of target audiences using the new “Workflow” feature.
  • Dynamic audience selection – You are now able to change your workflow and select/de-select audiences on the fly in the question selector.

Sample Size Warning Flags (New Feature)
Two flags have been added in order to warn users when sample size fall below recommended count or no respondents are available due the country/wave selected.Below each selected audience the user will be alerted when the sample size for the individual audience either falls below 100 respondents or has no respondents available

Totals (New Feature)
Enables users to add a globally comparative average against any set of audiences within a workflow

  • Switch on and off the global average against any set of audiences on the fly within Audience PRO (chart or data view)

Cross-Tab (Removed)
The Cross-tab PRO tool will be removed as of the this month. This decision was taken based on clients’ preference to use third party software tools for cross-tabbing.

Should you be interested in attending our Platform Update Webinar and see how these new features work, please register once you receive the invite . Meeting invites will be sent in the next few days.

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