Following on from our look into the changing pattern of social motivations over time, today’s chart explores the daily time dedicated to social by differing types of networker segments – based on consumers’ social motivations and brand engagement touchpoints.

It’s certainly encouraging for social platforms that across the segments, all types of networkers are spending well over 2 hours a day on average. What really stands out is that Sharers are dedicating around 15 minutes longer than Personal Networkers – and the implications can be significant.

Despite our data suggesting that consumers are less motivated to share personal content on social now, these Sharers clearly still exist. That they are engaged for longer each day is good news for the networks who want this type of authentic consumer content to complement posts pushed by brands on feeds, and also for brands who benefit from organic word-of-mouth in the space.

That Content, Commerce and News Networkers are spending a considerable chunk of time on social each day is also good for those platforms pushing features that support these activities. And also suggests that the direction the social media ecosystem is moving in is the right one.

More information on how these segments are defined here.

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