To begin a brief series marking the release of our latest Device Flagship Report (get a free copy here), today’s Chart explores device importance over time.

When we ask digital consumers to select their most important device for accessing the internet, over 60% are now selecting smartphone – a figure which is up by 20 percentage-points since the start of 2016. Over the same period, desktop PCs and laptops have become far less important, with just 18% and 19% now choosing these respectively. This is a clear sign that the mobile-first mindset is strengthening.

What is perhaps most striking here is the figure seen for tablets – just 2% choose this device. And even among Tablet Users themselves, the figure only rises to 6%. Even so, with a third of digital consumers owning one, they should still be acknowledged in multi-device marketing strategies.

Smartphone Importance Continues to IncreaseExplore data in PRO Platform

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