With each year that passes, we see mobiles close in on PCs/laptops as the top commerce device. Mobiles are now in prime position when it comes to the research and advocacy phase, and the same could soon be true for the transaction phase of the purchase journey.

While PCs and laptops were the clear favorite for completing online purchases at the end of 2015, now there’s a difference of just 5-percentage points. For this small minority yet to convert to the idea of m-commerce, it’s security concerns which are likely to be having an impact, with the perceived security and functionality benefits of PCs/laptops giving them the edge.

This may not be the case for long, however. Our trended data for purchasing online via mobiles and PCs/laptops shows a steady decline for PCs together with a gradual climb for mobiles on this metric. Clearly, mobiles have come a long way in persuading users that they are a fast and secure way of shopping online.

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