The ‘Tablet Fatigue’ trend is one we’ve been discussing for some time. But with 3 in 10 internet users still using one of these devices for internet access, this audience should not be forgotten. To begin a short series this week, today’s Chart explores why tablets continue to offer an attractive user-base.

Tablet Users are predominantly young, with over half being under the age of 34. And although they have failed to become essential devices for the youngest internet users, their appeal among older users should not be ignored – a third of 25-34s use this device to access the web.

Most important is the effect of income; Tablet Users are 44% more likely than average to be from the top quartile. Despite the availability of affordable tablets on the market, their ‘secondary’ position in relation to mobiles is probably having an effect here: users require a reasonable income to justify having both a smartphone and a tablet.

This device presents a key route to parents of young children too, with 1 in 5 Tablet Users coming from this demographic (digital consumers with children 5 or under) – while over half of Tablet Users are parents. For families, tablets have become multi-user entertainment tools and can offer access to a wide range of family members.

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