With Google reportedly planning to launch its subscription service YouTube Red in the UK in the coming year, today’s Chart of the Day takes stock of how the relatively young service is performing in the US.

YouTube’s vast reach (82% visited YouTube in the US last month) has certainly given its paid-for service a large potential audience and it’s now 8% of US YouTube users who use YouTube Red each month (either via their own account or someone else’s).

Demographics are key, however. It’s 25-34s who are most likely to be using the service (on 16%), and men are almost twice as likely to be engaging as women. What’s more, there’s a direct correlation with household income.

However, with a growing number of premium services, from Netflix and Spotify to Amazon Prime and Apple Music, now competing for consumers’ monthly entertainment budgets, Google will have a lot of ground to cover. Particularly as many of its competitors have already launched worldwide.

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