Today’s Chart showcases part of our new Brand data by looking at social “following” behaviors among Coca-Cola Drinkers in the US.

Among those who say they drink Coca-Cola on at least a weekly basis, we see some pretty distinctive preferences – including that they are around 50% more likely to be following actors on social media (1 in 3 do). Indeed, high-profile personalities make a strong impact in general, with sports stars (22%) and comedians (26%) seeing equally high over-indexes on this metric.

That celebrity endorsements are a key source of brand discovery among this group, together with the fact that they are 44% more likely to state that endorsements on social media would motivate them to complete a purchase (15% do), gives further confirmation of the marketing potential here.

US Coca-Cola Drinkers 50% More Likely to Follow ActorsExplore data in PRO Platform
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