While all countries will be in field very soon, we have just received from Lightspeed the preliminary dataset for the UK Wave 5.
In this wave we have many new questions concerning mobile and tablet devices including mobile operating systems so here is a curious fact:

While the operating system is clearly becoming one of the key features defining a phone’s identity, many consumers still don’t care much about it.

27% of UK iPhone owners don’t know what operating system runs on their phone despite being presented with a very clear option to chose from: “iOS (for iPhone)”.
Also, 24% of all smartphone users don’t have a clue of what operating system is running on their phone and a further 5% selected “Other”.

Multiple choice question. Possible options included: iOS (for iPhone); Blackberry OS; Android; WebOS; Windows Phone 7; Symbian; MeeGo; Other; Don’t know.
These are preliminary data. Final data may be different.
We define a smartphone user as a person who browsed the internet on their mobile in the past month.

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