Our midweek Chart of the Day continues our look at GWI’s new Insight report – Social Media Engagement

As well as tracking members and active users, GWI asks internet users whether they have visited various social platforms within the last month

Compare these ‘visitation’ figures to those for active usage and there are some important differences.

On Facebook, active usage rates are now below the 50% mark but it’s still about three quarters who say they visit the platform every month. This is a clear indication of the rise of Passive Facebooking.

However, it’s YouTube that is one of the biggest winners here – having about 3.5x as many visitors (82%) as it does active users (24%). Clearly, many see the video-sharing site as a place that can be visited without being logged in or even registered.

Similar situations are in evidence for Twitter and LinkedIn too; both are seen as rather more public platforms, with LinkedIn in fact having almost twice as many visitors as active users.

From platform to platform, then, looking at active usage in isolation does not always tell the whole story.


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Felim is Senior Trends Manager at GWI. He oversees the Trends team who produce a wide range of off-the-shelf reports and infographics along with our Chart of the Day series. Moving to GWI after completing a PhD, Felim specializes in writing about online consumer behaviors and digital trends.

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