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Whether you’re new to audience insights or a data professional, GWI dashboards are the perfect springboard to start your research. They give you a dedicated space to analyze any information you like, all in one place.

What should be on a dashboard?

Think of dashboards like a drive-thru; making it quicker and easier to grab key insights on the go. For your convenience, GWI dashboards are:

  • Topic-specific – giving you top-line global audience insights
  • Clutter-free – with a clean look and digestible data/charts
  • Intuitive – anyone can access, understand and use the data

Here are 3 easy ways to make the most of them.

1. Get an instant snapshot of audience trends.

If you don’t have time to hunt for data, choose from over 100 ready-made dashboards and see the latest insights on that topic grouped in one place. 

Here’s one we made earlier featuring snackable charts on music insights. The data shows how many internet users are interested in music, what their favorite genres are, and how long they spend listening to music streaming services among other key insights.

As you can see, dashboards present broad global trends and answers to questions you might not have considered before, making them a great place to start your research.

Once you know what you want to investigate, you can zero in on what matters. 

For example, online news hub Flipboard used GWI dashboards to learn more about who their core audience was, which brands resonated with them, and how this audience was changing over time. The end result? Driving more revenue with a consumer-centric focus. Win-win.

If you’re not using dashboards to speed up audience research, why not?

2. Create a custom workspace.

Skip set-up time by opening a pre-made GWI dashboard, then ‘add an audience’ to make the insights you see specific to your customers. From here, you can customize to your heart’s content.

Shareable dashboards give you a fast, consistent way to align your teams and tell one story across your organization.

Tips for optimizing your dashboard:

  • Add in any questions or charts you’ve created previously that you want to review regularly
  • Pick the metrics you want to focus on and how you want to display them (long live the great bar graph vs. pie chart debate)
  • Use ‘Add text’ to share any notes, clarify definitions of metrics, or explain the data to users who might not fully understand it
  • For a deeper dive into more granular insights, use audience segmentation

Once you’re done, save a copy of your custom dashboard. You’ll find it again under the ‘My dashboards’ tab, ready to share with colleagues. And don’t worry – your changes won’t overwrite the original.

3. Use dashboards to spot new market opportunities.

Are you pitching to a big client and want to prove your knowledge of the market? Or just curious to know what growth opportunities are out there right now, lurking beneath the surface?

Either way, you’re in luck.

Dashboards make it easy to spot the next big thing. 

Under each insight, click the dropdown arrow beside ‘Audience %’ to switch to ‘Universe’ view. This will show you the estimated real-world size of the audience you’re examining. In other words – how much scope for opportunity there is. By comparing real-world insights in one dashboard, you can really start to connect the dots.

As an example, let’s jump back into the GWI Core – Music dashboard we mentioned earlier and add 2 pre-made GWI audiences to compare: millennials and Gen Z internet users aged 16+. If we switch into Universe view, we see straight away that 325 million real-world millennial consumers listen to Spotify.

We also see that 140 million millennials discover new brands through ads on streaming services

Both these figures are higher than our Gen Z audience, providing huge insight into advertising possibilities targeting millennials through streaming services. And that kind of tangible insight is music to any client’s ears. 

If you wanted to dig even deeper, you could compare up to 4 different audiences within dashboards to find these nuggets of opportunity. 

Ready to explore dashboards?

The GWI platform is packed with great dashboard examples covering popular topics and emerging trends, with data refreshed quarterly. Dive in now and see what actionable insights you can uncover.

Not a GWI user yet? Book a free platform demo and our friendly team will take you for a test drive.

Once you’ve mastered the art of dashboards, you can make data-led decisions faster than ever before. 

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